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Hi, welcome to the Boredumm Beta testing family

Boredumm is the new and exciting way to have fun. It's loved by people worldwide and offers a great way to stay connected. You can watch the internet’s most favorite videos and find micro communities that you love. Finally, A modern era of connecting is here. Join now and help us make Boredumm so much better! Here is a list of our top features: Media Center - We believe in bringing you a wide array of content, from music, comedy, news, to sports, creativity, lifestyle and more to keep you engaged, curious and entertained. We don’t use any algorithms to track you so each video you watch will be different than the next. Social Center - Browse thousands of topic based micro communities, or as we call them social bubbles or simply kick start a micro community of your own by creating it exactly the way you want! And, Badge cards - Boredumm joins ‘Rescue Fun’ in our latest line up of uniquely crafted apps that have joined Softwurx’s Cumulus Network. A place where you can enjoy the full range of services offered in all our products with just a single account. We really do hope that you enjoy the experience we’ve worked so hard on - we truly appreciate it, and also thank you for being so awesome!

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